• Musical Fitness-Rhythm Bar

    Model: WT-MHU-Y20A/WT-MHU-Y20B
    Material: Iron Tube, Iron Bits, Solid Wood

  • Rubber Fixed Dumbbell

    Model: DB-RDC-1901
    Material: Cast Iron, Steel, Rubber

  • CPU Fixed Dumbbell

    Model: DB-CPU-1901
    Material: Cast Iron, Steel, CPU

  • ALEX Hexagonal Rubber Dumbbell

    Model: DB-HRD
    Material: Cast iron, Rubber

  • Vinyl or Neoprene Dumbbell

    Model: DB-NDF / DB-VDF

  • Eagle Claw

    Model: DB-EC
    Material: Made of cast iron with gray hammertone finished

  • Black Rubber Bat Shaped Dumbbell

    Model: DB-CLB

  • Cast Iron Dumbbell with Plastic Box

    Model: PS-DB

  • Adjustable Chrome Dumbbell Set with Plastic Box

    Model: PS-ADB-2/10K

  • Adjustable Dumbbell Set

    Model: PS-ADB-20LB

  • Adjustable Dumbbell Set

    Model: PS-ADBC-1/15K

  • Soft Dumbbell with Holder

    Model: DB-SHD