• Fitness Strap

    Model: FT-FS-N

  • Fitness Strap

    Model: FT-FS-P1

  • Adjustable Body Expander

    Model: FT-EXP-2080AA
    Material: PP+Latex

  • TPR Resistance Tubing

    Model: FT-EXP-T9 / T12 / T13

  • Chest Safety Ring Expander

    Model: FT-EXP-SE0

  • Chest Safety 8 Shape Expander

    Model: FT-EXP-SE8

  • Safety Expander

    Model: FT-EXP-SE1

  • 8 Shape Professtional Expander with Polyester Cover

    Model: FT-EXP-P066

  • Latex Expander

    Model: FT-EXP-F005 L / M / H

  • O Shape Professional Expander with olyester Cover

    Model: FT-EXP-D001

  • Professional Expander for Step with Polyester Cover

    Model: FT-EXP-G009

  • Resistance Tube Set (3pcs/set)

    Model: FT-EXP-S7911