Go Fit

The Go Fit aims to provide efficiency and result through design and carefully ed exercises.
Com and get fit with Go Fit!

Item No. G-GF-1267
Product Name Go Fit
Country of Original Taiwan
Product Spec. Main Frame: 1361x1361x2508mm

It features 9 workout stations to build strength, endurance, and sculpt the body around a relatively compact 4 foot by 4 foot frame. The Go Fit focuses on the core and the lower body with 6 out of 9 stations training these areas to increase metabolism and maximize fat loss. The entire Go Fit training station is designed to be an efficient workout routine, beginning with warm up routines such as stretch bar and stepper to more strenuous exercises. The stations are set up in an alternating fashion so that no consecutive stations works on the same area, thus giving different muscle groups time to rest.
An effective whole body workout session can be completed in 30 minutes, ideal for today's busy individuals with hectic schedules. Let's experience the Go Fit training station with a closer look.