• Rotating Curl Rubber Barbell

    Model: PS-RRBC
    Material: TPU

  • Rotating Straight Rubber Barbell

    Model: PS-RRBS
    Material: TPU

  • 140kg ALEX Black Rubber Olympic Set

    Model: PS-ARO-140K
    Material: Cast iron in black rubber coated.

  • TPU Curl Barbell

    Model: PS-TPUC
    Material: TPU

  • 165kg ALEX 4 Holes Colored Rubber Olympic Set

    Model: PS-ARO-165K
    Material: Cast iron in colored rubber coated plate & solid Olympic bar

  • TPU Straight Barbell

    Model: PS-TPUS
    Material: 10~60 kg, 20~130 lb (5 kg or 10 lb increment)

  • 20 KG Pump Weight Set with Neoprene or Vinyl Plates

    Model: PS-PWS-20K

  • 20 KG Pump Weight Set with Easy Grip Double A Rubber Plates

    Model: PS-PWA-20K

  • 20 KG Pump Weight Set with Rubber Plates

    Model: PS-PWR-20K