Seated Chest Press converging

Vigor Series
*Ergonomic design
*Bio mechanically correct motion
*Durable construction

Item No. G-SM-6304A
Product Name Seated Chest Press converging
Country of Original China
Product Spec. Installation size:1173*1333*1660mm/ 46*52*65in
Weight stacks:80kg-16pcs/176lbs-16pcs
N.W. 230 kgs / 507 lbs
G.W. 240 kgs / 529 lbs
1.Main frame adopts 75*118*3.0 semi elliptical pipe, functional area adopts 50*120*3.0 flat oval pipe, movement arm adopts 40*80*3.0mm,  joint pipe is 50*100*3.0 flat oval pipe. All pipes are Q235 qualified pipe.
2.Ergonomic design,  accurate trajectory,  smooth operation. Single arm movement.
3.Two kinds of handle grips for different exercise modes.
4.The seat cushion is made of Aluminum Alloy arm parallelogram structure, torsion spring adjustment, convenient and safe.
5.Cushion filled with MC high resilience foam material, high-grade PU leather surface,, and integral ABS guard cover..
6.Wire cable inside the pipe, makes the machine more organized.
7.Full shroud, 4mm thickness ABS material, strong and durable.
8.Wire cable imported from Japan , 6*19+1*75 coated wire can withstand 1400kg tension.